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Making a Storm

Hey everyone, Karl here. For those of you who have been following the storm with special attention to detail and airtight memories, you might recall that we announced an upcoming blog post about our radar display back in October of last year. Well, I finally got that together and it is here! In this video I describe the process by which I created the radar display which featured in our teaser "Getting Stronger" and which will also be on display during a scene in the film itself.

Overall, I aimed to make this part tutorial (there is some "how-to" language and terminology in this) and part broad overview of our process for creating the radar display. I'm hopeful this finds the sweet spot between the two so filmmakers, editors and spectators alike can enjoy. One quick heads up, this video focuses on the radar display rather than the glitch effects. I chose to do this because there are numerous tutorials and overviews of the glitch effects we used, but far fewer descriptions of how to create a weather channel radar display.

Hope you enjoy this or at least hear past my voice to find this moderately interesting.

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