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STEPHANIE TRAINER - writer / director:   Stephanie is a German-American filmmaker based in Pittsburgh, PA.She is a graduate of the London film school. She has experience on a number of productions that include short films, documentaries and a medium - length feature. The Clearing is her feature film debut.


KARL NYKWEST - co-writer / editor: Karl Is an editor and filmmaker currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the last 5 years, he has edited and created independent music videos, short documentaries, corporate commercial work, abstract and experimental films, animation and independent short narrative. 

EMILY GOODE (Friendship Creative) - producer / visual effects:    Emily is a filmmaker and editor from Friendship Creative, a Pittsburgh-based production company. Friendship Creative joins the The Clearing as co-producers with specific focus on visual effects

KAIT NYKWEST - production designer: Kait is a production designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She has worked on a number of productions (both film and theater alike) including The Remedial and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

JOHN ZELLER - Director of Photography: John is a filmmaker based in Pittsburgh, PA. He often collaborates with Cunning Folk Films on various projects ranging from music videos to short films. The Clearing will be his first feature as Director of Photography.

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